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What’s up Dwellers!

I would like to thank all the wonderful comic book fans for stopping by & showing your support. I hope everyone enjoyed the annual BBQ. I know many of you great fans took advantage of our sale on trades, hardcovers, back issues, t-shirts & other items. I would like to personally thank GRILL MASTER BASE!!!! for your skills on the grill & for your help on this day. A shout goes out to my right hand in the shop Frankie!!! We stood in the shop til 2 am the night before fixing the store for free comic book day & he was he at noon to work – you the DA MAN!!!!!! Another shout out goes out to BIG GRIZZ!!! from hit TV show 30 Rock who came down & chilled with the fans. Lastly need to thank Mike Comics & Ali, the Neal’s, the Carello’s, K-LUV (you know who you are mami…lol) Lina (for the cake) , Mundongo & Cat (for kid entertainment), my neighbor & his wife whom are expecting in July ( thx for the Brew’s) last but not least my wife Jelly, Aidan & Ian – I love you guys. Thank you all for coming out & helping grow my business – with great family & friends like you guys The Lair will continue to grow & grow & grow becoming a great neighborhood comic shop!

Thank You,
Jorge aka LOBO
The Lair
Where Collectors Dwell!

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